20 years in the wellness and mindfulness field, working , practicing and studying from different approaches: modern & ancestral healing techniques, neuroscience, psychology and oriental philosophies.

Creator of the Method M5C a Mindfulness-Based Methodology to Cultivate Altruism and Self-Connection. 

Helping Companies and Individual to lead a Healthy, Intuitive and Conscious Life. 
Meditation and Yoga Instructor, Clairvoyant, Human Development Counselor and Wellness Consultant.
I have been facilitating mindfulness and wellness workshops in different countries like USA, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, UK and Scotland. 
Current Community Manager and coordinator of the USA Study Circle at Paramita International Buddhist Institute.

My Accomplishments:

Certified Tibetan-Buddhism Meditation Instructor: Certified as a Meditation Buddhist Instructor,  studies at Paramita International Institute and  IBA International Buddhist Academy.  
Akashic Records Consultant Certified by ARCI International School of Akashic Records.
SoulRealignment Practitioner Certified by Soul Realignment Institute an Akashic Records based methodology. 
Thetahealing Practioner Certified by THINK- Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge.
Human Development  Counselour- Certified by CEDESER Institute, Mexico.

Studies and Certifications

  • 200 hour RYT -  Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga , at Pranavah Center NYC
  • 200hour RYT with Jhon Tamayo at Atmananda Studio NYC.
  • Tibetan Yoga Trulkhor Course by Alejandro Chaoul 
  • Clarivoyance Course at CIEH - Research and Education Center.
  • Human Development Certification at CEDESER Academy. 
  •  Meditation Studies at Tara Mandala Buddhist Dharma Center at Colorado. 
  •  Meditation Studies at Holy Island Buddhist Monastery, Scotland, UK
  • Course | The Yoga Intuition & Creativity by Philip Goldberg.
  • Course | The Bardo Teachings: Wisdom of Death&Dying by Andrew Holecek
  • Hindu Dharma & Western Creative Arts with Philip Goldberg at HUA Hindu University of America.
  • Herbalism Course , Mexico City. 
Current Studies and Certifications
  • Bodhi Medicine Training | New Medicine based on the 5 Biological Laws (ancestral & modern medicine)

Speaker and Facilitator

7 years as a Mindfulness Facilitator & Wellness Speaker for Companies, Schools (children & parents) Private Groups and Studios around the world: Mexico, Colombia, Spain, NYC, UK, Scotland.

Alternative Medicine Therapist 
8  years working as a clairvoyant and human development counselor.