Water Like Wisdom Foundation

Our mission is Care for the Earth and Care for Humanity, to its fulfillment we pledge a minimum contribution of 3% from all our sales to further our commitment to the following projects:

- Continuing Education for low income individuals interested in spiritual and personal development through scholarships and grants towards our online and in-person programs.

- Soil Building as the key environmental challenge in our Permaculture Education and Center in Medellin, Colombia and the planet.

- Reforestation and Landscape Regeneration through ecological systems majoring in trees. We constantly plant new native, wood and fruit bearing trees for the benefit of people and all living beings.

- Water Harvesting and Management through education and implementation of permaculture design solutions such as rain water harvesting, spring water preservation and key line design to prevent soil erosion and fresh water contamination.

We are grateful for your continuing contribution to our mission.

Find out how you can help.

Paulo & Carola


Water Like Wisdom