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Water Like Wisdom

$20 Tree Planting Donation

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Trees are the gardens of animals and animals are the messengers of the trees. Life depends upon life. All forces. All elements. All life forms are the biomass of the tree.

We've been planting trees in our farm in Medellin for over 5 years. We've personally planted over 3000 trees and supporting species and counting. 

You’d probably ask why is this important? The answer is because, literally, our lives depends on it. We lose the trees, we lose the soil, the aquifers become salty and we lose our fresh water. We end up in a dust bowl.

and this is only one of the reasons. Trees are a very complex subject, one that impacts our everyday life in ways we can’t even start to comprehend.

Join us in helping you, humanity and all life forms by planting one more tree today. 

The $20 dollars you donate today go a long way, believe me, your investment returns thousand fold over generations.

Thank you for your donation!