Healing and Shamanism

Healing and Shamanism

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Healing and Shamanism 

Online or Private Readings.

For  Booking send a e-mail to carolaespiritualidad@gmail.com . 

Session Time : 60 minutes.

Connection Via: Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts


  • Shamanic Rituals: Guidance and shamanic using the elements of the earth and conscious movements.(Private or Online)
  • Shamanic Purifications. (Private)
  •  Yoga Private Sessions to Purify the Energetic Body: I will guide different yoga depending on clients needs, such as Tibetan Yoga, Vinyasa,  Hatha, Egyptian, Ashtanga. Custom Made Session. (Private or Online)
  • Mother Womb Healing. We heal your wounds from the moment of consception in mother's  womb till the moment of the the catharsis. We do a observation of the patterns and conditions of wounds in your life, lineage and past lifes that are causing suffering or blockages to remove them from our life path.  (Online)
  • Healing with the Mother Earth. (Private Rituals)
  • Women Circle Self-Empowerment.(Look for Season  Events )
  • Chakras Alignment , in this session I channel the information of the blockages of each chakra so you can understand what is happening to your energetic fields. Also we clean and purify through different shamanic methods. (Online and Private)